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Vital Medic – Neurostimulation Center

It is one of the most modern hospitals in Poland, launched in 2015, specializing in neurosurgery, in particular neurostimulation and neurooncology, as well as in the comprehensive treatment of spine diseases.

The medical potential of the Vital Medic hospital:

  • The operating suite, consisting of 3 operating rooms, equipped with modern medical equipment, allowing for many difficult neurosurgical operations, using modern methods of intraoperative monitoring and imaging, such as: neuronavigation, neuromonitoring, microscope, O-arm, and other 3D visualization systems
  • Hospital wards:
    • Neurosurgical
    • Intensive Care (8 places)
    • Surgical – multi-profile
  • Imaging Diagnostics Department:
    • MRI (1.5 T)
    • CT (128 layers)
    • X-ray, US
  • Specialist Clinics, including: neurosurgical, neurological, orthopedic, rehabilitation, spine treatment, psychological, oncology and others
  • Department of Therapeutic Rehabilitation, including rooms for: kinesiotherapy, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, massage
  • Single, air-conditioned patient rooms, equipped with: bathroom, fridge, TV and Internet access
  • Patient rooms adapted to stay with an accompanying person
  • Private, monitored parking lot for several dozen vehicles

The Vital Medic Hospital uses pro-ecological, low-emission energy management systems, including: solar installation, heat pumps, energy-saving and automatic lighting.