Vital Medic Neurosurgery Neurostimulation

As one of the most modern neurosurgical hospitals in Poland, we specialize in the comprehensive treatment of spine, craniocerebral and neurooncological diseases. Our excellent staff of experienced doctors perform highly specialized surgeries using the latest solutions in modern medicine.

Familiarize yourself with the rich offer of Vital Medic, as we are constantly expanding the scope of our activities to include new areas of medicine.


We establish a comprehensive course of treatment tailored to your individual needs


In order to ensure the highest comfort of the patient we provide professional care coordinator


We provide an excellent staff of specialists with many years of experience


We use the latest developments in modern medicine and high quality equipment

Diagnostic department

The Department of Imaging Diagnostics is equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment that guarantees high quality imaging. In the laboratory, we perform MR, CT, X-ray and ultrasound, including highly specialized examinations.

Neurosurgery Department

The Neurosurgery Department has comfortable rooms equipped with air conditioning and its own refrigerator. There is also a kitchen available for patients and visitors. We provide round-the-clock medical care.

Intensive care unit (ICU)

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has 8 beds and is fully equipped with high quality life support equipment. It is essential when it comes to saving the lives of people in critical condition.

Operating block

The multi-profile operating suite was equipped with modern equipment of the highest quality. Consisting of three operating rooms, it is used not only during neurosurgery.

Rehabilitation Department

The Rehabilitation Department is a very patient-friendly place. We provide a full range of physiotherapy treatments, including conservative and postoperative treatment under contract with the National Health Fund and commercially.

Specialist clinics

The clinic has modern and spacious offices. With a view to patient comfort, the clinic has been adapted to the needs of the elderly, the disabled, as well as pregnant women and mothers with children.