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“New Life” – the best birthday present

Although I first experienced Huntington’s disease 4 years ago, it has been with me all my life. I am 30 years old, exactly a week ago I received a birthday present in the form of a DBS stimulator. My whole family founded this present. Until a few years ago, I was a professionally active driver who led a normal life, but I knew that this could change at any moment. Huntington’s disease is a genetic disease that I inherited from my mother, it appeared in 2000. After 4 years my mother died. When first symptoms appeared, I had to quit my job as a driver, uncontrolled body movements made it impossible for me to drive safely. I did not want the disease to radically change my life, so I decided to continue to be professionally active and started working as a construction assistant. Symptoms of the disease intensified over time and were more and more burdensome, everyday simple activities became impossible for me. At the same time, I was observing the rapid progression of the disease in my aunt, who was practically bedridden and could not perform the simplest activities. It was thanks to her that I learned about the new method of treatment with the DBS stimulator and I met doctor Witold Libionka from Gdansk. The doctor performed the implantation of the DBS stimulator to my aunt and the effect of the procedure was spectacular. From a lying and dependent person, she has become a person who can walk, prepare a meal, just live a normal life. This experience finally convinced me to undergo surgery. I consulted doctor Libionka, who initially qualified me for the procedure. After positive verification by other doctors who confirmed that I could have a stimulator implantation procedure, supported by my family I decided to go for it. Initially, I was supposed to have the procedure in Gdansk, but because of the pandemic, I had to wait several months. In the meantime, the doctor suggested a procedure at the Vital Medic Hospital in Kluczbork. The stay in the hospital was pleasant and comfortable thanks to the very nice and kind staff. From the first day of hospitalization I felt good there and I knew that I was surrounded by professional care. The day of the surgery was very stressful for me, but everything went smoothly and those few hours in the operating room passed very quickly. The improvement was visible almost immediately, the first effects were better than expected. Both before and after the procedure, I had an MRI performed on site and I started rehabilitation. The birthday gift I received from my family in the form of the DBS implantation procedure turned out to be a unique chance to recover and come back to the point from before onset of my disease. I am very grateful to the Doctor and all hospital staff.