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Kamil’s surgery malignant brain tumor

Here is further proof of the effectiveness of our highly specialized neurosurgery. 🧠
Kamil’s surgery was not an easy one. Malignant brain tumor does not sound optimistic, especially since it was already the second operation. After 2 years after the first one, there was a recurrence and urgent reoperation was required. Kamil’s and his family’s determination meant that shortly after the diagnosis, we were able to perform the operation in Kluczbork.
Fortunately, everything went well. Kamil regained some of his physical and linguistic abilities the very next day after the operation. After a few days the efficiency of his right arm was better than before. Thanks to intraoperative monitoring and awakening during the operation, there were no deficits and at the same time Dr. Libionka was able to safely remove the tumor.
Kamil described his stay at our hospital in one short but very apt sentence: “It was awesome.”