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Choroba Huntingtona

“I won the race against time.”

My fight against Huntington’s disease is like a race against time, where literally every day counts. Thanks to doctor Libionka and the Vital Medic Hospital, I was able to win this hard fight. I am 49 years old, symptoms of chorea appeared in me in September last year and they were getting worse very quickly. I knew I had to act quickly to give myself a chance to recover.

I inherited Huntington’s disease from my mother, who developed it after the age of 60. Although she has been fighting this disease longer, she is better than I was just a few days ago. This example shows how quickly, in just six months, my illness turned my life upside down. Huntington’s disease hit my family particularly hard. Not only me, but also my older sister has the disease. The results of the research say that genetically the disease is passed on to half of the offspring. I was very determined to get treatment as soon as possible because in my case the development of the disease was the fastest and most rapid. I didn’t know how much time I really had left. Immediately after confirming the disease with a genetic test, I started looking for an appropriate treatment. On the Internet I found information about Dr. Libionka and his modern method of treatment using the DBS stimulator. After the first consultation with the Doctor in Gdansk, I was convinced of this method and the results it brings. Today I can confidently say that I was right and I made the right decision.

The doctor offered me a surgery in Kluczbork, then I had no idea where it was, but he assured me of the highest quality and standard of this hospital. I live in Warsaw, I know many hospitals there, but after a week at Vital Medic, I can say that it is one of the most modern hospitals, where very nice and kind people work. I am lucky to be directed there, where I received professional help.

My health has definitely improved and effects of the treatment have exceeded my expectations. I owe it to Dr. Witold Libionka, the Vital Medic Hospital and my determination. Now I can start rehabilitation and enjoy life, and let the time flow as slowly as possible…