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Cerebellopontine angle tumour

To most of us it sounds like another “ordinary” brain tumour, but to a neurosurgeon it is what the summit of K2 is to a Himalayan. For Kasia, it turned out to be a sentence that was passed 3 years ago and seemed irreversible. Tests caused by a sudden loss of hearing led to a diagnosis that changed her life forever…

An operation that was performed in 2017 at a renowned center in the north of Poland gave hope for a cure, but as it turned out only 10 percent of the tumour was removed at the time. Follow-up examinations in September 2020 caused Kasia’s world to fall apart again… It was found that the tumour was beginning to grow and this posed a huge danger.

“I’ve sought help all over the country, but both at a major center in Warsaw and others in the country, the doctors have refused to attempt to remove the tumour,” – Kasia says.
The hope for a cure came from Dr Witold Libionka, who undertook to remove the tumour at our hospital in Kluczbork. Tuesday’s operation lasted 10 hours, almost all of the tumour was removed, and the remaining part can be easily treated with radiotherapy.

This story could happen to anyone. Fortunately, there are doctors who are able to help in seemingly hopeless situations.